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Straight out of Žižkov, Trusty has just reworked the
Shadow Drop classic ‘Nordic Ice’ from C. Monts’ upcoming EP, ‘Flawed, Sincerely‘.

Z-KAT coverStarting the year with a BANGER. Z-KAT’s long-awaited TVL debut ‘Pupula Ligata‘ is finally here! This five-track single has pots of dancefloor potential, blessed with remixes by Dryman, Shadow Drop, and our very own Trusty and Pazooka. From screech-wobbly brazzerstep to smoked out trip-hop. Visit Z-KAT’s bandcamp page or use the player below.

Z-KAT tracklist

Nordic Ice cover
Street drinker C. Monts hits TVL with his solo debut video for ‘Nordic Ice‘ from the forthcoming EP titled ‘Flawed Sincerely‘. Produced by Prague beat guru Shadow Drop, shot and edited by TVL multi-talent Sevenape. The single will be dropping as a free download later in January with a Trusty remix on the side. In the meantime, just watch this…


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Things to come…

Tune in to Radio Wave’s Beatcase hosted by Ghonzales and Philip T.B.C. tonight from 7pm (CET) for a special Ty Vole!? issue with head voles: Trusty & C. Monts. Expect news on forthcoming Ty Vole!? releases and plenty of fresh music.

Once again, Sevenape has brought something new to Ty Vole!? This time it’s a video for Trusty’s ‘Nestíhání’ feat. Negative & Swordz. The whole video was shot and edited on an iPhone 4, minus the titles added by Trusty. I think you will agree that this is not your usual music video. Some may go as far as to call it twisted and perverse.. Just the way we like it!

If you haven’t already, you can download the full EP here.

As promised, here is one of several videos for Trusty’s last EP: Scratchy P featuring Negative, Swordz, Chris Quadrant and Darcphayce. Mastered by New Scientist. Free to download here!

Over the last few years, plenty of DJ talent from around the world has had a go with the decks in Trusty’s Bum ‘n’ Bass studio. The highlights have been put together over some dark downtempo and hiphop grooves. Scratched by DJs Negative (CZ), Swordz (BE), Chris Quadrant (UK) and Trusty. With a fair dose of sampled vocal cuts from friends such as C. Monts, Sax, Acme, Ya1see, iCon the Mic King, Yarah Bravo and Radix. Also, Darcphayce (USA) cooked up a chorus for ‘Helium’. The mastering was taken care of by New Scientist on the other side of the world.

Download the EP and look forward to four assisting videos which will be coming out monthly as we get through the winter.

The first one is coming very soon.

& C Monts‘ thoughts hammer the grammar over sci-fi triphop. This is a taster of Trusty‘s forthcoming remix EP. Will contain new and old remixes featuring Smack & Marat, Philip TBC, Dryman & Side9000, Wich & Hi Def and more. As usual, they will all be up for free download.

Stay tuned for more soon..