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Come out, come out, wherever you are… Heeere’s Johnny! Youngblood is back to welcome the new year with his latest music video “NEW CENTS” from the upcoming album “SDM II”.

Produced by Ohio’s milklord and recorded at Rooftop Studio Prague. The video was shot at Studio SAVEC and cut in the TVL FILMS department.

Keep your eyes peeled for more new Youngblood coming soon.

Czech rapper Acme (Inside/CL City) brings you the video for his first TVL single ‘Eat my shit‘. The full release will be available to download before the new year, followed by his 2nd solo album in 2014. Unlike his first album, the second will be almost entirely self-produced and will also feature several special guests on the ones and twos.

The partially sickening VHS inspired video was filmed and edited by Trusty and the beat was mostly produced by Acme. Finishing touches and scratches also handled by Trusty.

Enjoy you meal.

C. Monts is back with another video from the upcoming EP titled ‘Flawed Sincerely’. Shot and edited by Trusty with artwork and graffiti from Žďár’s own Oldřich Pátek. Beat produced by Vanilla featuring keys from Ghonzales and cuts by Trusty. Shouts to Bare Arms and New Scientist. Stay tuned for more news on the EP.

TVL Fame welcomes a new face: Johnny Youngblood. His debut single ‘Seven City Slasher‘ (prod. Trusty) is now playing exclusively on Radio SPIN and drops officially as a free download next week with a music video. Stay tuned for more info on his album ‘Sea Dream Moniker’ out soon on TVL Music.

MVP are back with the third single ‘Nevěřím (prod. DJ Wich)’ from their upcoming second album titled ‘Pedal the the metal‘. The album also features beats by Freezer, Mike Trafik, JSM, Kenny Rough, Talpas, Sinuz, Trusty & Sax.

On sale in both digital and physical form from March 30th. On the same day, Sax, Regie & Trusty will be playing the LP and selling the first copies at Chocobamba (Krásova 6, Žižkov, Praha) from 4pm. Later on, DJs Trusty and Negative will be mixing a relevant choice of music by the pinball machines in the back of the bar.