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Straight out of Žižkov, Trusty has just reworked the
Shadow Drop classic ‘Nordic Ice’ from C. Monts’ upcoming EP, ‘Flawed, Sincerely‘.

C. Monts is back with another video from the upcoming EP titled ‘Flawed Sincerely’. Shot and edited by Trusty with artwork and graffiti from Žďár’s own Oldřich Pátek. Beat produced by Vanilla featuring keys from Ghonzales and cuts by Trusty. Shouts to Bare Arms and New Scientist. Stay tuned for more news on the EP.

Z-KAT coverStarting the year with a BANGER. Z-KAT’s long-awaited TVL debut ‘Pupula Ligata‘ is finally here! This five-track single has pots of dancefloor potential, blessed with remixes by Dryman, Shadow Drop, and our very own Trusty and Pazooka. From screech-wobbly brazzerstep to smoked out trip-hop. Visit Z-KAT’s bandcamp page or use the player below.

Z-KAT tracklist

Nordic Ice cover
Street drinker C. Monts hits TVL with his solo debut video for ‘Nordic Ice‘ from the forthcoming EP titled ‘Flawed Sincerely‘. Produced by Prague beat guru Shadow Drop, shot and edited by TVL multi-talent Sevenape. The single will be dropping as a free download later in January with a Trusty remix on the side. In the meantime, just watch this…

The 10th TVL release is here in under two years, and this is not one to bat an eye at. Unknown Frequency originally started as an EP and grew into Frank Flames’ debut studio album. A deep fusion of trap, chillout and bass, creating a very fresh sound for the Czech music scene.

Check the video for the title track and look out for videos for ‘Smoked out’ and ‘Somebody’s got to care feat. Niro Baits’ coming soon. If that’s not enough to satisfy the pyromaniac in you, you can listen to more on his soundcloud and download the ‘Unknown Frequency’ desktop here. The tracklist is also available here.

Mixed by Frank Flames, Trusty & Niro Baits ■ Mastered by NewScientist

 We are now managing all new releases through Bandcamp, but, we’re still giving everything away for free! However, feel free to name your price when downloading. All donations go directly to the artist, so all contributions are much appreciated. Bandcamp links will be coming for all TVL artists and releases.


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This may be H.D.A.‘s first TVL release, but he’s no stranger to the name. Having been a resident Ty Vole!? DJ from day one at Cross Club, he is used to switching it up, and has brought us smooth blend of upbeat and laidback dubstep. Download the three track EP here for free ■

Time for more fresh young blood: Multi-genre producer Frank Flames has come up with some audio gold! Check Trusty’s video for the title track of Frank’s debut EP before it drops on TVL a little later this month. Expect 10 laid back tracks including a very special feat. from Niro Baits (a.k.a. Nironic). Shouts to C. Monts and the Žďár team, especially Freezer & Dick Steel for inspiring the video.

And be sure to like Frank’s page if you like what you see and hear.

Here’s a preview of the cover art and tracklist. Stay tuned ■

Things to come…

Sevenape, best known for the opening sets of most of our parties, recorded this dark, feverish and strange mix, live on his iPhone. Best listened to on headphones on a tropical beach at midnight, in a car driving along an endless highway or maybe on your laptop speakers. But, in order to do that, you must click here first.

Includes artists: oneohtrix point never darkside 1000 names holy other jj shabbazz palaces grouper synthetics milyoo clams casino cliff martinez lana del rey demdike stare esperanza stay+ shadowdrop slow head  lee noble a$ap rocky oOoOO symmetry.