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C. Monts is back with another video from the upcoming EP titled ‘Flawed Sincerely’. Shot and edited by Trusty with artwork and graffiti from Žďár’s own Oldřich Pátek. Beat produced by Vanilla featuring keys from Ghonzales and cuts by Trusty. Shouts to Bare Arms and New Scientist. Stay tuned for more news on the EP.

VTV back in action with C. Monts in the spotlight. Post ‘TVL Žďar vol. 4’ bars from outside Žďár nad sázavou’s finest: Batyskaf. Alfresco footage and visual report by Jakub Mička. Shouts to the Žďar crew, Johnny Youngblood, Tuco, Z-Kat, Bare Arms, Converse and Brokeandfamous.

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