SVM – Cover.png
After 2 Inside albums, 2 MVP albums, 1 Bordel LP, 1 solo mixtape and many guest appearances, Sax is back with his first solo album in 11 years: Sax ve městě (Sax and the city).

The album features production by (in order of appearance) Kubake, Sinima beats, Mantra, Fatte, Dr. Um, J-Bez and Trusty as well as several of Sax’s own beats. Special (vocal) guests include Cocoman, Michajlov, Acme, Regie, MC Gey, Idea and WHNT.

Join Sax and a bunch of the album’s contributors for the release/listening party on Friday, December 1st from 6pm at our favourite Prague hideout: Wombat Cafe (Slezská 78, P-3). There will be some free food and CDs will be going for a special price since we know you’ll probably be spending more money on drinks: especially since the Wombat’s select choice of rums, whiskeys and whiskies is to die for (don’t let the “Cafe” in the name fool you).

If you are still interested but don’t quite know what you are in for, check the Carrie Bradshaw-esque album teaser and the first couple of singles from the album…

Sax ve městě (Album teaser)

Sax – Kandidát (Lyrics video)

Sax – Ráj (Official music video)

Peas and shouts from the TVL fam!