“Good things come to those who wait” should be our new slogan.

In true TVL style, without rushing it, a new album is out from a band called Bordel. The main three protagonists may look familiar: ‘Inside’ rappers Sax, Acme & Ya1see (no that’s not a typo) recently joined forces with a group of musicians combining their own brand of hip-hop with some live instruments. Admittedly this doesn’t sound like anything new, but rarely does the result span from reggae to punk via trueschool and newschool.

If you aren’t interested by now, there’s no point in reading any further!

The new LP ‘Generální úklid‘ is available to order now on vinyl and will be released on all good servers shortly. If you hate waiting for post and like drinking and eating good food while listening to good music, come and grab a copy of the LP directly from the TVL crew at this Friday night’s (09.09.16) release and listening party at the primary TVL hangout: Wombat Café. All previous TVL releases also available to listen, purchase and sign on spot.

If for some reason all this information hasn’t quenched your Bordel thirst, you can start the online stalking/trolling (whatever takes your fancy) with the most recent music video from the album…

Oh, did we mention that there is free food and drinks at the release party?

Just rewarding the few of you who actually read articles.