Henny sips cover
A long time ago on some hard disks not so far away… Several gigabytes of TVL releases were compromised due to hardware fails and stupidity. Years later, thanks to previously unknown sources, we have managed to salvage some acceptably listenable versions of a bunch of the tracks that we thought were lost forever.

F2B and Trenčín Town’s Pazooka is here to kick off “The Lost Files” series with volume 1: Henny Sips featuring Emdee & C. Monts. The release includes the original (three year old) SK/UK glitch hop stinker, plus Trusty‘s “almost as old as the original” trip hoppy remix with cuts by local DMC Champ DJ Flux and the most recent remix by Bad Mojo. None of us can describe it’s genre so you’ll just have to work it out for yourselves.

Check out the single shot “music videos” on YouTube (or below) and/or download via Soundcloud.

Visuals by Tom Rust
Original mastered by Palio
Remixes mastered by Allmostt