Just when you thought that rap’s vocabulary was doomed to stay the size of a gnat’s erection, Johnny Youngblood returns with the ultimate follow up to his debut album ‘Sea dream moniker‘. The new album ‘S.D.M. II‘ is out now as a ‘Pay what you like’ digital release via BandCamp.

While heavy on the milkord and Trusty beats, the album also features production by Smiles TF1, Fremisbeats, pyrvmxdz, Freezer, and Below the BVLD, along with bars from C. Monts, C-Bugz, IronKap, and Wu’s very own Solomon Childs. The whole album was recorded and mixed at Rooftop studio, Prague. Artwork and videos by Trusty.

Check out the first single/video ‘New cents‘ and expect a new track/video (or two) to drop with a custom cover on the TVL YouTube channel every week from now. More music videos are in the works so keep tuned…

SPECIAL OFFER! Donations over 199,- kč will be rewarded with a copy of the CD when it drops next month alongside the first physical release of ‘Sea dream moniker’. Donations over 399,- kč will get you both CDs and maybe a little something extra. Just make sure you send Johnny a message with your purchase and give your name and address.

“Listen up… look up at the stars. That’s where it is, Johnny Youngblood will always give you bars”
Johnny Youngblood, The Machine