We have a slightly different line up for Saturday night. Sine can’t make it due to travel problems but Dryman has kindly filled his spot. Check out his last mix on mixcloud.

Here’s are the times for both stages. Expect a special set from Trusty at midnight, full of brand new V.I.P. mixes that you have never heard before. Accompanied by C. Monts & Emdee with DJ Negative on the third turntable.

08:00 Sevenape
09:00 Freezer
10:00 Dryman
11:00 Philip TBC
12:00 Trusty feat. C. Monts, Emdee & Negative
01:00 Smack
02:00 Tuco
03:00 Norman Bates
04:00 Ponyk
05:00 Trusty
06:00 The End

09:00 Blackfool & H.D.A.
12:00 Anir
01:00 Woostep
03:00 The End
(time to go upstairs)

Be there!