Notes and photos from the Beggatron Boombox, Jan 19th, 2011. Praha.

Met with Foreign Beggars at Radio Spin for a quick interview and ended up getting a lift with them, No holds barred-style, to the pub for the first thing on the rider: local food. Koleno, vepřo-knedlo-zelo, if it was Czech, it was on the table. Couple of beers later and I’m off to the club just in time to see Ghonzales play a refreshing mix of gems while FBs warmed up for their unforgettable show.

The show was packed with energy right from the start, but part of the crowd seemed to be waiting for something. Fortunately, FBs know how to work a crowd, and by the time a certain Noisia production was heard.. BLAW!! Drinks went flying as the stage was invaded a number of times. Attempts at stage diving (despite several pointers from Orifice Vulgatron) weren’t successful until he himself had a go, just after I decided to put the camera back in my bag.. d’oh!

Tuco finished off the night with style, keeping the crowd going for what seemed like hours.. I’m not saying it was boring. I’m saying I was drunk.

The photos will do the rest of the talking.

Thumbs up! Ty Vole!?